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  National Park Similipal

Simillipal National Park is a Tiger Reserve situated in the Mayurbhanj district in the Indian state of Bhubaneshwar (Orissa).Covering an area of 2,750 Sq. Km, has been selected as one of the nine tiger projects in India. For a nature loving tourist, the entire Simillipal with its ever green Sal forests, extensive grassy lands and luxuriant waterfalls provide an element of abiding interest.

Tourists visit this sanctuary to watch the tigers, deer’s, elephants and other animals in their original habitat. A nature loving tourist cannot perhaps afford to miss the majestic Sal forests, cool-calm and an expansive grassy land, soaring peaks and the waterfalls of streaming pearls-which make Simillipal the "Dreamland of Nature".

The forests of Simillipal consist predominantly of deciduous Sal trees, and are crisscrossed by twelve rivers, which meander through the hills and plateaus of Simillipal, creating some of the area’s most impressive waterfalls. Besides the fact that there’s a lot of wildlife to be seen in Simillipal, there’s also a wide range of local flora. The park boasts of at least 82 species of orchids.

Simillipal offers an excellent exposure to the delights not only of its wildlife but also of its wonderful natural beauty. Scenic beauty of the lush forests and mountains and valleys is as extravagant as it is varied. 

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The National Park has a core area of about 850 sq km, where most of the tigers are concentrated. Visitors are not allowed into this section of the park, but if you’re lucky you just might see a tiger wandering further out. What you’re more likely to see are elephants, monkeys, deer and birds. Joshipur, which is one of the two entrances to the park, has a maggar centre where you can catch a glimpse of the crocodiles at close quarters.

Closely to the National Park one could find the lavish architectural splendours of Khiching and Haripur, the pre-historic sites of Kuchai and Kuliana recently excavated. The variety of tribal dances in the lap of nature and the traditional "Chhou" are the added attractions for visitors to Mayurbhanj.

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