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  Sarus Crane

Three populations of the Sarus Crane are currently recognized and each occupies a distinct range. The Indian Sarus Crane population is found in Pakistan, northern and central India and Nepal.

The tallest crane species standing at six feet tall, with a wingspan of eight feet. The body plumage is light gray.

The crown is covered with smooth greenish skin.

The rest of the head, throat and upper neck are covered with rough orange/red skin. The ear is marked by a small area of grayish-white feathers on each side of the face.

Long, black hair-like bristles cover parts of the upper throat and neck.

In the Indian Sarus Crane G. a. antigone white feathers form a collar between the bare reddish skin of the upper neck and the gray feathers of the lower neck.

Legs and toes are a shade of red. Males and females are virtually indistinguishable but within pairs, females are usually smaller than males.

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The heads of juveniles are covered with cinnamon brown feathers, and the grayish ear patch is not yet obvious. The body plumage changes from cinnamon brown to gray as the bird matures
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