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The Gaur or Indian Bison is a large endangered herbivore, and can be seen in protected sanctuaries in India.
In the wild its young are preyed upon by tigers and leopards and the loss of its habitat due to human encroachment has led to the reduction in its population across India. In North East India a tame version of the Gaur, known as Mithun is used as a farm animal and is sacrificed and eaten at ritual feasts.

The Gaur can be seen in the wild in forests of South and Eastern India, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Nepal and Bhutan.

The Gaur or Indian Bison is a large animal. Male Gaurs are black in color, while female Gaurs are brown.

Both the hide of male and female Gaurs is white below the knee of each leg, giving the gaur an appearance of wearing white stockings.

Gaurs calves are light brown and do not have "stockings." Adult Gaur bulls can grow almost 2 m tall and weigh from 650 to 1000 Kg. Female Gaur are smaller in size. Older male Gaurs have a big dorsal ridge along the length of their backs and huge dewlaps.

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The Gaur lives in grassy clearings and in evergreen and deciduous forest. Gaur usually spends the night in a forest and emerges into the forest clearings to feed during the day.

Gaur are said to look like the front of a water buffalo with the back of a domestic cow. They are the largest and most powerful of all wild cattle. Males have a highly muscular body, with a distinctive dorsal ridge and a large dewlap, forming a very powerful appearance.
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