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The Chinkara is a species of gazelle found in South Asia. Found in grasslands and desert areas in India, parts of Iran and Pakistan, & Bangladesh.

It is also known as the Indian Gazelle (Gazella gazella bennetti)
This gazelle stands at 65 centimeters and weighs about 23 kilograms.

Its summer coat a warm biscuit, or reddish-buff colour, with smooth, glossy fur.

In winter the white belly and throat fur is in greater contrast.

The sides of the face have dark chestnut stripes from the corner of the eye to the muzzle bordered by white stripes. The record horns reach over 39 centimeters.

It is a shy animal and avoids human habitation.

They have a special characteristic which helps them survive trying times.
They can go without water for long periods and can even get sufficient fluids from plants and dew drops.

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Although mostly seen as solitary animals, they can sometimes be spotted in small groups numbering up to 3 - 4 individuals.
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