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From 8,600 Bird Species about 30,000 if subspecies or geographical races are taken into account the Indian subcontinent affords suitable living conditions for more than 2,400 Birds (Species and subspecies) of which over 300 are winter visitors.

The winter visitors are chiefly from Arctic region to the North. Though it is difficult to judge which the largest Bird of India is, Sarus Crane (stands the height of a man) and the Lammergeier (wingspan of more than 8 feet) are at the top.

Amongst the small Birds is the Pale-billed Flower pecker scarcely bigger than a normal Thumb. Male Indian Peafowl is the most colorful bird with its gracious colorful patterned wings.

Four rarest birds in India are the Himalayan Quail, Jerdon's Courser, Pink-headed Duck and Forest Owlet. The list of most accomplished songster in the order of preference is Grey-winged Blackbird, Malabar Whistling Thrush and White-rumped Shama.

The best talker is certainly the Hill Myna whose articulation of the human voice and speech is clear.  Though these birds were declared extinct, Jerdon's Courser was rediscovered in 1986 after nearly 90 years of non-sighting and the Forest Owlet was rediscovered in 1997 after 113 years of non-sighting.
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Indian Birdwatchers hope that Pink-headed Duck and Himalayan Quail may also be rediscovered soon.
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